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The Fagus Factory was constructed in 1911 by Walter Gropius, the architect and founder of Bauhaus, as the original building of modern industrial architecture.


In 1911, the forward-looking entrepreneur Carl Benscheidt (1858-1947) commissioned Walter Gropius to construct a factory building for his shoe last factory that should comply with cutting-edge aspects. The architect succeeded in giving a medium-sized company a completely new look that differed from the traditional one. The Fagus Factory represents an architectural concept which, for the very first time in those days, took into account the requirements for light, air and visual clarity.


  • The Fagus Factory (1)

    Alongside its valuable architecture, the Fagus Factory stands out due to its active production operations. For over 100 years, Fagus shoe lasts have been manufactured in this important industrial building, and today, GreCon measurement and fire protection products as well as inspection systems are produced in addition, too. The name "Fagus" is Latin and translates into beech. In the past, beech wood was the key raw material for the production of shoe lasts.

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    The factory building has been a registered historical monument since 1946 and was extensively restored starting from 1984. In 2011, the living Fagus Factory monument was declared a UNESCO-World-Heritage-Site. The UNESCO visitors’ center in the former coal and chipping building, the 3,000 square meter Fagus-Gropius exhibition, the Fagus model cellar and the Fagus gallery with alternating special exhibitions are all located in the center of the production facility.

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    The Fagus Factory is the first work of architect Walter Gropius. The facade construction made out of glass and steel as well as the unsupported, fully glazed corners, which became the trademark of New Building, give the three-story industrial building its weightless elegance, which was exceptional for factories at that time. With the construction of the Fagus Factory, Gropius coined a new stylistic direction and laid the foundation for modern architecture.

  • The Fagus-Gropius Exhibition

    Located in the former warehouse for shoe last blanks, the Fagus-Gropius exhibition gives insights into the company’s history, Bauhaus topics and the life and work of Gropius and Benscheidt. Alternating special exhibitions are presented in the basement of the building.

  • Video-Guide (2)

    The entertaining tour is highlighted by photos and videos and is available in the German, English, French and Spanish languages.

  • Tours (2)

    A tour is also given from March – October on Sunday at 11:00 a.m. Daily individual group tours can additionally be booked after making a reservation in advance.

  • Tours: Architect Tour

    During the architect tour, you’ll get detailed information about the outstanding special architectural features of the building, the individual construction phases, the architect Walter Gropius and our company’s founder Carl Benscheidt.

  • Video-Guide (1)

    A video guide is available for individual interested visitors that lets you explore the Fagus Factory in an individual way. The video guide leads you through various stations on the outdoor area and lets you take a look behind the scenes of the living monument.

  • The Fagus-Gropius Café (1)

    The team led by Detlef Sperling warmly welcomes you to the Fagus-Gropius Café in a special ambience of the former machinery building. Where a steam engine was once used in former times, visitors can enjoy gastronomic delights here today.

  • The Fagus-Gropius Café (2)

    The Fagus-Gropius Café offers a lunch menu that changes every day and an extensive salad buffet. Coffee and cake specialties round off the hearty offer. In the summer, enjoy a piece of cake on the spacious UNESCO terrace with a view of the breathtaking Gropius architecture.

  • Events, Conferences & Celebrations (1)

    Regular events like concerts, readings or lectures offer cultural enjoyment in the special ambience of the Fagus Factory. You can get information about current events at https://www.fagus-werk.com/de/events-news/events/

  • Events, Conferences & Celebrations (2)

    Meet and celebrate in the UNESCO-World-Heritage-Site, the Fagus Factory makes it possible. Do you want to meet or celebrate in the special ambience of Gropius architecture? We’d be happy to make our premises available to you and support you in organizing, planning and implementing your event.

  • Events, Conferences & Celebrations (3)

    Meet in our conference center, enjoy and relax in our Fagus-Gropius Café and discover the UNESCO Fagus Factory World Heritage Site during a factory tour through the living monument.
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